Sunday, February 26, 2012


That's what I scream in my head when I see one. It kind of sounds like a 10 year old boy yelling RECESS!!!! after the bell rings.
I walk around twice then decide on a hand made notebook I desperately needed and a colorful scarf. I'm still on the hunt for a couple specific bags I like and a stone necklace.
An eclectic band of 6 men fill the stage with bongos and drums. I can't stop thinking of my late uncle Joe - I'm in his world.
The crowd moves quickly towards the stage so I follow. We're clearly blocking the huge mass of people sitting in chairs behind us so we're forced to sit on the ground. I laugh nervously as the crowd boo the announcers.
In one iPhone movie I make (below) a drummer explodes in an African dance. His face is extraordinary and you can feel his happiness and exhilaration from being exactly where he belongs.
I decide to leave after the performance and head straight to the grocery store. I forgot Q-tips and hand soap but purchase 3 types of cheeses, a bottle of wine, steak, some munchies and broccoli (because my mom told me to). I really do need to make that budget.

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