Monday, October 19, 2009

Just worked on a Toro shoot last week with rockstar Anna Cyzon. The set revolved around 1960 rockstars' dirty, grungy pad. Natasha Diak made a room in the studio with colors that blew my mind as well she brought her own records, books and trinkets from home to pepper in some detail and distressed the wallpaper herself . Anna brought so much life to the set with her genuine personality and diva-LESS attitude. She pushed me as I pushed her to create the right synergy between the elements of the shoot - her on the scene. Everyone on set was killer!
Here are some raw teasers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Nomado" - temp name.

So I'm back from Mexico City unfortunately with a cold boo hoo - but no Swine Flu :)
I did a story on location around my friends land Salvador Angel. We sort of snuck onto other peoples property and almost got kicked out. Sal also got a tone of SOLID shots using the same models. We didn't have stylist so we did the wardrobe ourselves with the help of Adriana. The piece du resistance was a silver dress we found that made the story. This was the first time Sal and I have worked together since 4 years ago. It's the beginning of BIG CLOUD STUDIO. Here is a teaser.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More of my Mexico City...

I had a day of being in down town Mexico with Adriana. It was overwhelming in the most fulfilling way. However, on the subway ride home a dude decided to take off his shirt, fill it with glass cups, shatter them, and then proceeded to roll his bare body over the shattered glass. Existing on his body were hundreds of mini scars from his previous "performances" where he would expect people to donate a sum of money. I didn't get any photos of his "not so fun act", however I did take a number of new photos that I'm really proud of. I'm especially intrigued by the elderly which I've been shooting a lot of. I'm also really attracted to the way people and existing colors, shapes and patterns fuse in a fraction of a second to create beautiful symmetry.

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