Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I worked on a last minute creative with the stunning Emily Fox from Nam models. I'm going through the process of cleaning out my basement and throwing out rubbish that's accumulated or the last while. It's inspiring me to shoot more creatives, turn it into something beautiful and then turn it into junk again lol. Here is a sample of the shoot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Men

This was a really important shoot that i want to share. It's of my three brothers, my Nonno, Uncle, his son and his son. It's a photograph that means a lot to me and I'm super satisfied on how it turned out :):):).
Coming soon are The Women the way i see them.

Lingerie and The Great Red Spot

Today was pretty rad. I did a lingerie shoot for the cutest girl. She's working her way through a bucket list of things to accomplish and one was posing semi nude in front of the camera. I'm happy with what we produced, and not having a makeup artist or stylist creates such a different vibe onset. It was just her and I and our energy bouncing off each other. I'll have to admit that i was hungover from last night of blind waiters, Freaks And Geeks and drag shows galore. I also realized how much i like listening to Phoenix on set - they'll be more of that. Unfortunately i can't show photos from the shoot but i instead i'll show some sweet party photos!